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The pizza was delicious. I got a ton of toppings and when I asked for spinach on top the warned me that it may burn so I had an extra layer of cheese put on it. Within just a few minutes my wife and I had our pies to go. Very friendly service and great atmosphere. Will be returning soon.

D. Brooks

Such good pizza! It was a good size for one person, and I liked not having to ask anyone else about the toppings. It was just for me! The service was friendly and helpful and the decor was clean but functional and stylish. I didn’t notice any smoke smell, and it was airy and bright. We went super early for dinner on a weeknight, and it’s also new to the area, but I hope that it’s much busier the next time we visit! We will be back for sure. Support local businesses!

Lauren H

I’m in love! I got the garden pizza and added feta, basil and banana peepers. My friend got hers with the spicy sauce. The spicy is great but a warning…it’s really spicy. Everything seemed fresh. Great price too. I will definitely be back.

Carrie B.

Excellent treat to enjoy a good gluten free pizza with any toppings I wanted for the same price! I always imagined a pizza place like this and am so glad it’s here!!

Jamie C